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Here you will find a number of different glass courses in the classes calendar.  The most popular courses are the Stained Glass and Fused Glass Making but there is also Jewellery Making and Glass Painting Classes as well as the Summer Course which covers a number of techniques rarely taught anywhere in Britain. The easiest way to view the classes is in the classes and workshop availability page or set this page to “Agenda” and then filter the classes by using “Categories” and “Tags”.  The number of spaces are always kept up to date and if you enroll onto a class you will then be directed via the secure Paypal system.

Advanced Fused Glass Jewellery – March 9th & 10th, 2019 @ Rainbow Glass Studios
Mar 9 – Mar 10 all-day

The advanced two-day weekend course provides an excellent opportunity to further explore fused glass jewellery with a focus on achieving a personal style and a professional finish.

We will concentrate on designing and creating our own individual sheets of glass using transparent, opaque, dichroic and reactive combinations of glass with access to a wide variety of inclusions, frit, stringers, and other decorative media. We will work in Bullseye or Spectrum glass ranges.
You will learn:
  • To explore and combine appropriate combinations of glass (by COE)
  • To work with reactive glass combinations for new and interesting decorative effects
  • To understand kiln firing schedules for the techniques for full fuse, tack fusing and fire polishing as well as decals and glass paints
  • To make your own personally designed sheets of glass on day 1 with which we will shape and create individual pieces of jewellery on day 2
  • To work with decals, fibre-board, glass media and silver foil and other inclusions
  • To make our own glass rods and use jewellery moulds
  • To use other studio equipment for fine cutting, drilling, sand blasting or etching to produce finished glass pieces for jewellery
  • To plan and present your designs to include the necessary findings to ensure your jewellery is wearable to a professional finish
  • We will problem solve and work individually and as a peer group to learn from each others experience and creativity
  • Design and make a final piece by the end of day 2, using techniques we have covered
  • Admire each others work and be inspired by our creativity!

Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits accompany our courses along with a friendly and inspiring studio atmosphere in which to learn new skills. We look forward to you joining us!

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Enamelling on Copper Jewellery Class – 6 April 2019 @ Rainbow Glass Studios
Apr 6 all-day

This exciting day course explores the skills and techniques of kiln enameling led by Eleanor Watson. We will be exploring the exciting process of fusing finely powdered glass onto the surface of copper. These beautiful techniques were used by the ancient Chinese, Greeks, Celts and Egyptians to decorate metal and add colour to metal jewellery.

If you love working with colour you will enjoy this enameling workshop; the combinations are limitless and the results swift and exciting to see as they emerge from the kiln. We will experiment with a range of simple decorative techniques to create your very own one-off pieces to make into unique jewellery.

On this day course you will learn to:

  • Prepare copper for enameling
  • Make several sample pieces using a range of techniques
  • Explore the use of opaque and transparent enamels
  • Use decorative inclusions (e.g. frit, glass threads, millefiore and silver leaf)
  • Cover health and safety and the kiln firing process
  • Explore colour, and surface designs with stencils, printing and drawing
  • Design a final piece to finish and mount on jewellery findings by the end of the day

A supply of silver-plated jewellery findings will be available on which to mount your sample pieces and information will be provided on suppliers of enameling equipment and jewellery findings should you decide you want to do more!

Plenty of tea and coffee and biscuits will also be provided, enameling is thirsty work!

There is a limit of 7 people per workshop enabling faster learning.

Price = £135 for the day, materials included (10:00am – 4:30pm)


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Glass Jewellery 13th April 2019 @ Rainbow Glass Studios
Apr 13 all-day

In this exciting Glass Jewellery Class we will develop skills in fused glass by exploring a variety of decorative techniques to make our own totally individual pieces ready to be made into jewellery.

We will use a selection of inclusions in the glass including silver foil, copper, mica, bubbles, dichoic glass (the beautiful jewel-like glass with reflective and refractive qualities) and experiment with reactive glass combinations to achieve special effects.  We will explore the use of decals on the surface of the glass and fusing at a variety of temperatures, including tack fusing.

If you love working with colour you will enjoy making and designing your own pieces, it isn’t difficult and the combinations are limitless. Come and surprise yourself at your own creativity!

Towards the end of the day, we will plan and design jewellery findings on which to mount your pieces when fired. Jewellery findings will be provided. We look forward to your company!

There is a limit of 6 people per workshop enabling faster learning.

all glass, materials and jewellery findings included (10:00am – 4:30pm) and plenty of cups of tea or coffee too.


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