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Late Availability for Evening Workshops

How does this work?   This is only available to those who have already done a workshop here and is familiar with this particular studio. If you are currently doing a block of evening workshops which are paid for in advance and you cannot make one of the dates in that block then you can advertise it to a list of over 100 people who may be able to take your place. The person who takes the place gives the £25 for the evening session to the one who can’t make it, therefore reimbursing for the absence.

If someone buys a space from a seller they are also obligated to pay if they can’t make it for whatever reason.  Names in bold italics means the person who bought the session didn’t show up but still owes money to the seller for the session. Scroll down to check availability

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Spaces available

DayDateSession for saleBuyer / Availability
. . . .
Wednesday5th June1..Caroline1. Jo
Wednesday30th May1..Caroline1. Jo
Wednesday23rd May1.Angela B..2.Caroline3.Katy1.Jacqueline.2.Nigel.3.Kremena
Wednesday16th May1.Caroline1.Nigel
Wednesday9th May1.Angela B..2.Caroline.1. Kremena.2.Nigel
Wednesday2nd May1.Caroline1. Kremena.
Wednesday25th April1.Caroline1.Jo.
Wednesday18th April1.Angela B....2.Caroline1.Kremena..2. Jacqueline.
Wednesday11th April1.Angela B.1........
Tuesday27th March1.Michele1........
Wednesday21st March1.Joss1.Kremena.
Tuesday20th March1.Michele1........
Wednesday14th March1.Angela1.......
Tuesday13th March1..Nick.2. Michele1.Carla.2.Adam.
Tuesday6th March1.Michele1.......
Tuesday20th February1.Michele1.......