Interesting and varied Etched Glass

Below are a few examples of etched / sandblasted glass we have made over the last 30 years. We use a combination of sandblasting, etching & fire polishing, engraving and kiln casting. In these examples from our portfolio the majority of these effects transform clear transparent glass but it is also possible to etch coloured glass, the best results are seen using ‘flashed glass’ made in Germany and France. Flashed glass is mouth blown glass which has a thin layer of a darker colour onto of a base glass of a lighter colour, the thin layer is etched away to reveal the lighter colour. The most common combination of this is red on clear but other combinations are red on green, blue on green, red on blue, pink on clear and so on which can be seen at the end of this this gallery of examples, but due to the difficulty in making this type of glass commands the highest prices.