glass restoration repair

It is important to assess correctly the extent of the damage to the leadwork, glass and painting, make photographic records and then make minimum intervention, especially on panels with any historic value.

Sometimes repairs can be made without taking the panel out depending on what needs to be done, in other cases it will be necessary to bring the panel back to the studio.

The conservation guidelines provided by the international Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi and the British based Institute of Conservation are followed for the latest advice for best practise.

We often restore front door panels which have been subject to an attempted break or just due to slamming. If the leadwork is buckled and solders broken it may to necessary to replace some or all of the lead calmes. It may also be necessary to repaint broken pieces of glass using the best match form a range of 1500 samples currently available.

UPDATE: I’m afraid we no longer have time to take on any new repair work. 

some examples of our work

repair-before&AFTERrestoration2 copyrestoration8 copy