Painting on Glass Class – everything you need to know

This painting on glass beginners class course is designed to teach the basic traditional techniques which have been used for centuries, if want to know how to paint on glass to enhance leaded stained glass panels this is for you. We will be practicing traditional techniques used to make church and cathedral stained glass, including silver staining. On the 2 day course we will also use modern vitreous paints and practise different ways of applying paint to get different effects. Once the vitreous paint is fired in the kiln it becomes part of the glass and is permanent. It is possible to fire the glass several times adding layers of paint until you are happy with your work, with practise it is possible to reduce the number of firings needed with a few techniques we will show you on the course.

Each student is encouraged to bring images with them to work from as you will have a chance to paint several pieces of glass and go home with their work at the end of the weekend or have it posted if there are too many pieces to fire in the time we have.

Areas covered:  mixing paints, various painting techniques using a variety of brushes and calligraphy pens and kiln firing

There is a limit of six people per workshop enabling individual tuition and requires a minimum of 3 people to go ahead

Price = £250 for the 2 day class, run over a weekend, materials included (10:00am – 4:30pm).


You may be interested to read a brief summary of glass making on the V&A website.

Below are examples of work produced on this beginners glass painting class