London Stained Glass – see our beautiful stained glass Portfolio

Rainbow Glass Studios, is a Stained Glass Workshop established in London in 2001, with many decades of stained glass making, designing and installing experience across various building projects. We make bespoke stained glass, fused glass, etched glass, copper foiling (aka Tiffany technique), painted glass, screen printed glass and photographic printing on glass, in fact we can incorporate most decorative glass techniques. We also run stained glass making classes and various other glass making techniques such as copper enamelling, glass fusing and traditional painting on glass.

Below is a snapshot of our portfolio showing the kind of glass we have made over the years. We use a number of glass techniques to make unique windows, doors, light-boxes etc. to fit into and enhance any architectural space, where ever it may be and whatever size.

What we enjoy most is precision, detail and an ambitious vision. We love to bend light in interesting ways, so if there is anything that inspires you to commission some inspiring glass then please get in touch to talk through the possibilities and get a quote – it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Tel: 020 7249 1565 / 07780554291 or email :

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What you see above is reduced Portfolio from the many stained glass windows we have made over the years. There are some projects that we have been unable to show due to client confidentiality agreements meaning we can’t share images of the glass made for those clients. Whether or not you would like to remain anonymous and confidential we, at Rainbow Glass Studios, value each project.

In the current economic climate there has been a shift away from commissioning stained glass, the evidence of this has meant that Heritage Craft have put traditional stained glass making on the Redlist of endangered crafts at risk of disappearing due to the difficulty of being able to make a living doing it. By commissioning a window you are preventing this craft from disappearing and at the same time adding colour to your life. In addition, many don’t realise that by having stained glass in the house he especially the front door, it increases the value of the house and makes it easier to sell as it creates a good first impression.