An Inspiring Fused Glass Jewellery Course for More Advanced Makers

Course content:

The advanced two-day weekend course provides an excellent opportunity to further explore fused glass jewellery with a focus on achieving a personal style and professional finish. The course is for students of 16 years or over who have completed my beginners Fused Glass Jewellery Course (or an equivalent course elsewhere).Due to the need to meet requirements for social distancing, we are currently limiting the size of our courses to a maximum of 5 students at a time with the added benefit of more 1:1 attention during the day. 
We will concentrate on designing and creating our own individual sheets of glass using transparent, opaque, dichroic and reactive combinations of glass with access to a wide variety of inclusions, frit, stringers, and other decorative media. We’ll work in Spectrum  / Oceanside COE 96 glass range.

You will learn:

To explore and combine appropriate combinations of glass (by COE)
To work with combinations of glass to produce decorative effects and reactions
To understand kiln firing schedules for the techniques for full fuse, tack fusing and fire polishing as well as decals and glass paints
To make your own personally inspired and designed glass on day 1 with which we will shape and create individual pieces of jewellery on day 2
To work with decals, fibre-board, glass media and silver foil and other inclusions
To use cold working studio equipment for cutting and drilling to produce finished glass pieces for jewellery
To plan and present your designs to include the necessary findings to ensure your jewellery is wearable.
We will problem solve and work individually and as a peer group to learn from each others experience and creativity
Design and make a final piece(s) by the end of day 2, using techniques we have covered
Admire each others work and be inspired by our creativity!Includes all materials, plenteous tea, coffee and biscuits.Lunch: There are lots of lovely coffee shops in the vicinity to frequent during the lunch break, or alternatively please bring your own packed lunch.
Please note: this course takes place in a working glass studio and not a classroom setting, so participants need to be able and prepared to stand to cut and prepare glass, and to work standing at benches and when using machinery. (Stools are available between times) If you have queries regarding mobility, please email me via the “contact” page.

Upon booking you will be directed to Eleanor’s website: