Interesting Classes at Rainbow Glass Studios in London.

We have been teaching traditional stained glass techniques on a regular basis for over 22 years at weekends, we have also run evening classes on weekday evenings since the turn of the millenia for those who have completed one of the weekend courses and are familiar with how we operate. Many have copied our business model over the years but we are proud to have played a pioneering role in reviving techniques which were becoming obsolete. When booking you will be redirected to Eventbrite or the Jewelleryboat website (updated by Eleanor)

December 3rd 2023Fused Glass£160 FULL
December 9th 2023Enamel Jewellery on Copper Bowls £160BOOK HERE
January 21st 2024Stained Glass£160FULL
January 24th 2024Enamel Jewellery on Copper£160BOOK HERE
February 10th 2024Stained Glass£160FULL
February 11th 2024Fused Glass£160BOOK HERE
February 24th 2024Fused Glass Jewellery£160BOOK HERE
March 9th 2024Fused Glass£160BOOK HERE
March 16th 2024Enamel Jewellery on Copper Bowls £160BOOK HERE
March 23rd 2024Stained Glass£160BOOK HERE
April 20th 2024Fused Glass£160BOOK HERE
April 27th 2024Enamel Jewellery on Copper£160BOOK HERE
May 18th 2024Fused Glass£160BOOK HERE
May 19th 2024Fused Glass Jewellery£160BOOK HERE
Enamel Jewellery Class
fusing glass beginners class
An interesting Fused Glass Jewellery Taster a half day intro.
Painting on Glass beginners class
Stained Glass Beginners Class
Enamelling on Copper Bowls
Fused Glass Jewellery
An Inspiring Fused Glass Jewellery Course For More Advanced Makers
Introduction Cloisonné Enamel
Fused Glass Floral Slumps intermediate day course
evening workshops
Fused Glass Christmas Decorations
A special one off Stained Glass Summer Class – 5 days