Lady Paul Memorial Glass at London Zoo

Lady Paul Memorial at London Zoo

At the end of June 2023 we installed a printed glass memorial commissioned by Lord Paul. After some discussion with Lord Paul, who has been a very generous supporter of London Zoo for decades, we were asked to replicate a photograph of the late Lady Paul (1936-2022) using the latest technique of printing permanent ceramic inks onto toughened glass.

Lord Paul, now 93 years old, made his money by building a steel industry from India which is now a global entity, he donated to many good causes as his success grew. His connection to London Zoo is a sad story, his daughter died at the age of 6 from an incurable disease, she spent many hours visiting the animals at the zoo which left a lasting impression on Lord Paul. Named after his daughter, the Ambika foundation has donated to the zoo over the years and his wife Lady Paul is remembered here as a longstanding supporter. Her memorial is in close proximity to the memorial fountain dedicated to her daughter – Ambika.